Reception Transition

Every year, the spring and summer terms at St Merryn School are exciting and busy ones for the early years teams, as we get ready for our new pupils to start in September. We have been rethinking how best to engage with families and children in a brand new way as we attempt to remotely support this important transition.

At St Merryn, we want to ensure that children, parents and carers feel welcomed, set at ease and supported as they transition from either our school nursery or from the other local settings.


Our usual transition package, which would include a meeting for parents, a home visit, at least 5 different opportunities for children to visit the school setting (some with parents, preschools or as part of story time with the existing reception class) have been put on hold this year. However, we still want the new families to feel warmly welcomed to St Merryn School and to give you an opportunity to visualise the setting and get a glimpse of the reception year. We also want to give families the opportunity to share any worries, concerns and excitement and ask any questions as they would in a face-to-face induction. We also want to give everyone the chance to become familiar with staff and some level of two-way communication between us, in order to help the children to begin to feel familiar with the Reception environment and have a sense of belonging to our school community.


Below are the steps we are taking to ensure that you and your child feel supported in their journey from pre-school to big school as they enter into their foundation year of learning:


First Steps:

Ms Muller, our reception teacher will have contacted you either via phone or email to touch base and let you know of the different steps we will take this year.

We have also ensured that our parent workshop information is shared on our website in two information packs. We have also created a visual story so that you can ‘read’ it with your children and see the school setting and what you will see on your first day.


Virtual ‘Home visits’ with parents, carers and children:

This is a pre-arranged ‘visit’ for you and your child to chat with your teacher. She will ask all you to share any questions or concerns you might have about the new start in September as well as chat to you and your child to help to get to know you.


Online support over the next couple of months:

We will be transferring all current St Merryn Nursery pupils over to their St Merryn school Tapestry accounts and asking those of you not currently with our nursery to join on Tapestry with us. We will be posting regular videos of fun activities, teddy bear picnics and videos of stories read by their teachers. This is to help children feel familiar with their teachers and enthusiastic about coming into their new school in September.


September start:

Although our journey of virtual transition has begun, it will not yet be final until we are comfortably settled in our new year of school. Due to the disruption to our summer plans, we have begun to make provision for a slower start to our new term than we normally would to allow children to feel safe, happy and settled in their new environment.


We can’t wait to meet you!

All our best wishes

The Robins Team