Governors are appointed by the Governing Body of St Merryn  School, in conjunction Kernow Learning.  In the Full Governing Body meeting in September of each year, each Governor completes a Pecuniary Interests form. 

At each FGB meeting and sub-committee meetings each Governor is given an opportunity to declare any Pecuniary or Business Interests. 

Please see the Kernow Learning website for information on Governance and important information including Accounts, Memorandum of Association, Articles & Funding.

For information on how to become a Governor please click here to the relevant page on the Kernow Learning website.

Any complaints should be addressed to the Chair of Governors Nicola Soden who is also the whistleblower, her details are available through the school office 01841 520683.

In 2019-20 there were no formal complaint’s to St Merryn School.

The complaints procedure can be found in our policies.

St Merryn School Local Advisory Board (LAB)

(Pecuniary Interests = PI, Attendance as of 31st Aug 15=A)

Chair of Governors: Mrs Nicola Soden.

Executive Headteacher: Mrs Kaye Pitcher  (01/09/17 Headteacher) A 100%

Head of School: Mrs Alison Brook PI – St Merryn Garage (21/09/15 Associate Member) A 100%

Mrs Brook has been Assistant Head/Head of School for 11 years in total. Not only was Alison born in the village, but she attended this primary school. Alison has been at this school for 19 years and in education for 27 years.

Community Governor: Mrs Sharon Wells (01/10/18) A 100%

Staff Governor: Mrs Tors Golay (01/12/17) A 100%

Tors Golay has been teaching at St Merryn for 3 years in both KS1 and KS2. In 2018 she became literacy lead.

Mrs Vicky Worrall is Clerk to the governors and also the school secretary.


Chair of Governor Report 

The last term of 2019/2020 has been an interesting one.  Never have schools been instructed to close on a national level.

ST Merryn closed on 20th March, as instructed by the government due to Covid-19.  Key worker and vulnerable children were offered places at 8 school hubs within the trust.

The LAB chair received regular updates from the CEO which was invaluable and gave insight into the fast changing pace of the situation.

Children were invited to carry on their learning at home, through Google Classrooms. Each year group had a similar structure and class teachers were on hand to support the children as necessary.  Regular updates through various means were maintains, in the form of whole school emails, teacher check ins via google meets, School Texts and via social media channels.

On June 15th we invited a wider range of pupils back to school. The schools updated staff handbook was detailed and practical.  Giving the staff the knowledge to confidently ensure the safety of both the pupils and the staff.

The staff at St Merryn have all shown an incredible amount of professionalism, dedication and compassion at this difficult time.  The children came back in to school to a happy and safe environment, and from this, on behalf of the LAB, we would like to say a huge thank you. 

So much has happened since September, aside from the school closure. We welcomed 2 new teachers to the team, Alison Brook took over the role of Head of School full time, there were various staff and year changes, a new community LAB member and 2 parent members. A remarkably busy start to the year.

Shortly after joining TLAT, we officially merged with ACE to become a new MAT, Kernow Learning, in September 19.  Starting on a strong footing, we adopted a new Head Teachers report and School improvement and impact plan. 

The first meetings were about getting used to the new reports and going through the data it presented in depth.  The new reports have been invaluable and brings all the pertinent data in one place.

The new LAB members completed their induction virtually during lockdown.

All LAB members are keen and committed and whilst a large portion of the LAB is new, they are not put off by the volume of information, and are already asking pertinent questions and have a strong grasp of the role of an LAB member. 

The LAB visited the school a number of times prior to Easter.  They helped with the implementation of the Accelerated Reader program by organising the library. There was also visits focused on Maths and Safeguarding. All reports echoed how engaged, well behaved and happy the children were. How they were able to easily explain their work and also how they were able to recall past work they had done.  This is especially important as one part of the new Ofsted requirements is seeing if the teaching is effective.

The School Improvement and Impact Plan is effectively used and this is echoed in the independent challenge partner report and also via scrutiny of the head teachers report at each LAB meeting.

Pupil premium funding, sports premium funding and SEN funding are having a beneficial outcome and are looked at within the head teachers report.

We start September with a fairly new, but strong LAB, and look forward to another successful year, with the potential for an OFSTED inspection.