Admission Arrangements


Advice for Parents on Schools admissions appeals

St Merryn Primary School, as an Academy, is its own Admissions Authority and as such sets its own Admissions Policy. Every year the governing body will review and publish information concerning the St Merryn School admission policy. This will confirm the maximum number of children to be admitted to the school as a whole, the Pupil Admissions Number (PAN, agreed with the Local Authority -LA), which is currently 20, and explain how places will be allocated. This is done in the Autumn term and where changes are made a consultation will take place with parents before March when it needs to be confirmed and sent to the LA.

All pupils will be offered a place in the school without reference to ability, aptitude, ethnicity or gender and all will be treated under the school’s Equal Opportunities Policy. This school participates in the LA’s Fair Access Protocol. Where this school is named in a child’s Statement of Special Educational Needs, the governing body recognises a duty to admit the child to the school.

The Governing Body of St Merryn School is the Admissions Authority for the Academy (The Admissions Authority) as part of the co-ordinated scheme with the Local Authority. Parents need to apply for places online directly to the Local Authority at: